Choir membership

To followers of the Apollo choir it has been obvious in recent years that choir membership has been decreasing at a steady rate. As older members leave us, for various reasons, we haven’t been able to achieve replacements, probably because it doesn’t have the musical attraction for  the younger singers. However, for those of us who experience the pleasure and camararderie of being in a choir it is difficult to understand why so many, particularly men, who enjoy singing are reluctant to get involved. Choir singing is in vogue now and is recognised to be very therapeutic, apparently helping to delay onset of dementia. So, come on, take a chance, join us at St. Barnabas Church every Monday at 7.30 pm.

First Tenors Second Tenors Baritones   Bass
 David Carter  Bill Bandeira  Martin Bell  Ken Clayton
 Jim Lavelle  Roland Bruce  Dave Bryan  Lol Davison
 John Lavelle  Danny Devine  Tom Vickers  Jim Duff
 Robert Patterson  Frank Flanagan  Alan Duncan  Bill Edwards
 Frank Pickersgill  Ian Fraser  John Gosnay  Brian Garwood
 Dennis Rainbow  Dennis Herbert  Len Heaviside  Peter McTiernan
 Kevin Ryder  Brian Nugent  Jim Lees  Ray Moss
 Richard Severn Bill Ramsay  Bill Lewis  Reg Palmer
 Ted Welford  Tony Robinson Richard Lewis Eric Heaviside
 Vic Spencer Mike Nolan
Paul Benfield David Pearce
Gordon Hardwick Brian Shaw
Mark John
Mark Lawton